Load & Stress Testing

Our Solutions provide an assessment of the readiness of your application and how it will perform in the real world. Our unique offerings cover mainframe, client/server, web and networking components. Service Includes a realistic simulation of a range of users, providing a clear view of what user response time will be in the live system. Performance is assessed based on user profiles and populations agreed at a business and technical level. The result of the tests is a detailed statement of system performance under varying load conditions that will provide the confidence that your system will work when it goes live. In addition, we have additional service options for Load & Stress Testing:

Performance Audit

With the addition of our infrastructure monitoring service, QPC can assess during the performance test activity how your application consumes the network and server resources. This provides you with the right information to judge whether you have the right infrastructure resources deployment in place both now and for the future.

Independent Application Certification

QPC Professional Services can implement a program of performance and load testing to measure whether your delivered system matches up to the agreed performance and availability measurements. As an independent specialist, we are able to provide an authoritative statement on how well your expectations have been met, where the performance falls below the requirements, and how far the system is likely to be scalable in the future.


Using our range of automation and monitoring tools, QPC Professional Services can collect information on application availability and how performance is affected by varying levels of user loading. QPC will identify bottlenecks within the network, server, database and application that prevent target performance levels being reached, allowing you to engage the right resources to fix the problems before the system goes live.